Turbocharger Parts
Repair kits

Maintenance and repair of turbochargers usually needs to replace some parts, especially those parts in the module of turbos----thrust bearing, journal bearing, seal ring, piston ring, thrust collar, locknut, seal plate, heat shield, oil deflector, etc. 

This is our dominant product, Tonglint can provide many models of turbo kits packed in a special box. Each kind of components combined in the turbo kits will be gone through strict inspections by the technicians. 

Products include: complete turbocharger, turbo repair kit, bearing housing, compressor housing, turbine housing, compressor wheel, turbine wheel/turbine shaft/shaft wheel, rotor assembly, wastegate, sealplate, backplate, journal bearing, thrust bearing, thrust collar, piston ring, heatshield, oil-deflector, gasket, flange etc.